Quality Policy

  • To work with honest, disciplined, respectful, well-ethical and continuously trained staff to provide quality and healthy service.
  • To produce high quality service and to guarantee the continuity and reliability of the service.
  • Adding value to society and the environment with a customer-oriented and trust-based service approach,
  • To continuously increase the value we add to our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, society and the environment,
  • Responding to our customers' needs and expectations with quality and stability,

We are committed to constantly improving the quality system with a traceable work system.

OHS Policy

  • To comply with legal regulations on occupational health and safety in all our activities,
  • To comply with the OHS legislation in force and the conditions of the organizations we are a member of,
  • Training and raising awareness to ensure the health and safety of all our employees,
  • To ensure that all our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors comply with the established rules of occupation,
  • To identify and eliminate the factors that may cause work accident and occupational disease in our businesses,
  • To measure the performance of the OHS management system and to work to increase performance,
  • To follow technological developments in occupational health and safety and to direct our investments accordingly,
  • We are committed to ensuring the participation of our employees and suppliers in all our processes and continuous improvement.


Environmental Policy

  • To ensure continuous improvement for the sustainable environment by prioritizing our relationship with the environment in our activities,
  • To ensure the efficient use of natural resources with environmental awareness, to prevent environmental pollution,
  • To fully comply with the National Environmental Legislation and to follow the international legislation,
  • To ensure that our wastes are reduced at their source in line with the National Waste Legislation and disposed through enterprises authorized to process related waste types,
  • To organize our personnel periodically by organizing comprehensive training activities in order to raise awareness about environmental protection,
  • Carrying out studies that will enable environmentally friendly and economical products to be preferred while selecting energy resources,
  • We will prefer businesses that have environmental labels, produce products that are compatible with the environment, and serve in our supplier selections,
  • We are committed to protecting the rights of future generations on the environment and natural resources by following Sustainable Management Policies.