YMS and CATKOM brands are world wide known brands regarding the alternative spare parts for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi,Volvo and Kawasaki heavy construction equipment brands which are also known both in Turkey and throughout the world. We set up a modern examplary facility which has a 5000 m2 closed space and a 2000 m2 open space which includes 50 CNCs, 25 universal production machines, and measurement and testing laboratories.

YMS Heavy Construction Equipment serves with quality and a customer-oriented attitude in areas such as forged steel, steel casting, nodular – gray casting, alluminium casting and processing raw iron-steel materials and their end products.

By using high technology in steel-nodular-gray and alluminium casting and raw iron-steel sector, YMS Heavy Construction Equipment prepares various products for different industries. It enables a qualified product array in world standards and customer-oriented products via its modern ovens with heat treatment which are chosen for all types of casting and iron-steel materials.

YMS Heavy Construction Equipment, gives importance to R&D and training which are important parts of industrial production, and its activities are inclined towards these. YMS Heavy Construction Equipment improves its production processes constntly by following the developments in production throughout the world, and it harbors the most appropriate technologies, machines and measurement equipment. The quality policy of the company, which has teams of experts, is focused on being the pioneer in its sector throughout the world via its forward thinking management system.

One of the most important factors which differentiates YMS Heavy Construction Equipment from its contemporaries is the sensibility towards its business, staff, customers and suppliers. YMS Heavy Construction Equipment, which is aware of the fact that small mistakes may lead to big problems, it handles its business and activities with high sensitivity and rigour. YMS Heavy Construction Equipment strives to minimize the error margin via meticulous controls and to deliver the most correct product in the fastest manner to its clients.

YMS Heavy Construction Equipment serves wit utmost quality the in all parts of its businees –from production to delivery. After the production phase is completed, our company shows great attention to packing and loading of products, and delivery to its customers in time and safely.

Quality and guarantee are named after “our brand”. YMS Equipment.